Partnership programme


Outreach at Durham Chorister School

Contact person:
Deborah Appleton
MEH, Singing

This long-running programme is split into two strands. Pre-pandemic The Schools Project ran each term when all schools within a Learning Authority were invited to participate and select 8 who prepared a concert. Halfway through the project the choristers rehearsed with and performed to the children following by a Q&A session. It culminatesd with a Cathedral concert which usually included upwards of 300 children.

At the end of each project all those involved are invited to join the other strand of the Programme – the Durham Cathedral Young Singers. This consists of various music groups meeting on a Saturday morning for children from the age of 3 – 18.

The team had been planning to reinstate sessions for even younger children. However, everything has been on hold and we look forward to learning more soon!




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