CSA 1918-2018 & Beyond

The Choir Schools’ Association enjoyed its Centenary Celebrations in May 2018 with a memorable Evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral. Joining the St Paul’s Choir were choristers from Westminster Abbey and King’s College, Cambridge representing the three founding schools and the girl choristers and six lay clerks from Salisbury Cathedral.

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The CSA Centenary Evensong took place at St Paul’s Cathedral with choir representing three founding schools and girl choristers from Salisbury


The CSA organises the first national conference on safeguarding


Chorister Outreach Project (COP) funded through the National Singing Programme (Sing Up). By 2011 more than forty programmes established to boost singing in primary schools and run junior choirs.


The Truro Outreach Scheme is initiated with government support, taking choristers into local primary schools


Conservative government provides funding through the Music and Ballet (now Dance) Scheme to support needy chorister parents


First edition of Choir Schools’ Review (later Choir Schools’ Today) is published. Roman Catholic Foundations join the Association


Labour wins General Election but are persuaded of the immense contribution that the British choral tradition makes to the Nation.


Labour Minister warns IAPS heads that a future Labour government will implement a ‘death sentence’


All early records of the CSA are destroyed or lost during the 2nd World War


All heads of Anglican foundations invited to attend the first meeting of the newly formed Choir Schools’ Association


Three choir school heads meet to discuss threat of proposed legislation that could forbid the employment of chorister age children