A Chorister’s Life

Choir School is fun!

Choristers love singing and being at choir school. When you ask what they like about it you find that ‘fun’ and ‘really’ are important and frequent words in their vocabulary!

Inspired by musicianship

“Choir is really fun. You know everyone well and it’s wonderful being part of a really fun team, working with professional musicians every day. Choir practice and tours are also great fun.”

Enjoying great experiences

“You can really get into the music and the music can really get into you. It really affects you when the powerful organ accompanies us but it’s also really amazing when we sing with an orchestra.”

See this short film for a student’s eye view on life in a leading choir school.

Appreciated for excellence

“The Cathedral is such a beautiful building and members of the congregation really care about you – it’s a kind of fan club. They make you feel really special. There are loads of compliments and people say after Evensong thank you SO MUCH’.”

Making strong friendships

“Because everyone’s in one place, you make and have really good friends. If you board there are films and DVDs in the evening. We get special treats and there are lots of opportunities to play sport and other activities. We sometimes go on trips abroad to sing as well as making CDs and being on radio and TV.”

Gaining skills for life

Former Head Chorister Aforji has the last word:

“I was proud to be able to do something that nobody else in my family had done and being Senior Chorister was a great responsibility.

I had two ways of life: one was my home life with my brothers and parents, the other was School and Choir, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am much more organised and independent than some of my friends and I would recommend anyone trying to gain a place at a Choir School if they have a good voice.

All the choristers, whatever their family background, have a common interest and talent in music, which will stay with them throughout their life.”