St George’s School Windsor Castle becomes IB World School

St George’s School Windsor Castle, one of the oldest schools in the UK, has recently achieved a groundbreaking milestone by becoming the first standalone prep school in the UK to be authorised to deliver the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP). Driven by the vision to prepare students to be ‘Real World Ready’, the school has fully embraced this globally recognised curriculum framework from Kindergarten up to Year 6.

A Vision for Real-World Readiness:

St George’s School Windsor Castle embarked on a two-year candidacy period to attain the coveted IB World School status. The International Baccalaureate curriculum not only imparts broad subject knowledge but also nurtures essential study skills and encourages students to take ownership of their learning. It empowers them to identify their knowledge gaps, explore their areas of interest, and develop a deeper understanding of various subjects and practical applications.

“This approach develops exceptionally well-rounded students who understand the relevance of what they are learning to the real world and will be able to adapt to a rapidly evolving and increasingly interconnected future. Fundamentally, alongside imparting knowledge, the curriculum teaches not what to think, but how to learn.”

Emma Adriano, Deputy Head and Head of Pre-Prep at St George’s School Windsor Castle

Support and Recognition:

This approach has garnered significant support from educationalists and industry leaders. The Times Education Commission cited the implementation of a baccalaureate curriculum as its first recommendation in their twelve-point plan for unleashing the potential of every child published in the Bringing Out the Best report. Furthermore, the Future Skills Report, commissioned by the IB Schools and Colleges Association of the UK and Ireland (IBSCA) and ACS International Schools, highlighted the demand for skills such as communication, inquiring minds, and critical thinking in future employees.

“We knew that the rapid pace of change and uncertainty around the future job market required a bold change of strategy, and we can already see this paying off in how the children now approach their learning.”

Emma Adriano

Positive Impact on Students

Parents of students at St George’s School Windsor Castle have also noticed the change in their children’s approach to learning. In a recent survey conducted by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, 100% of families agreed that the school equips their children with essential teamwork, collaboration, and research skills needed for later life. The school’s dedication to excellence was further recognised when it was named as a finalist in the Independent Schools of the Year 2023 awards.

“It gives me great pleasure to confirm that St George’s is now an accredited IB World School, having progressed through the authorisation process delivering the Primary Years Programme as our core curriculum and philosophy of learning and teaching. This marks a great milestone in our journey as a school and solidifies our commitment to providing a transformational education which delivers the very best outcomes for our students.”

Ian Canning, Chair of Governors

Further information about the school can be found on the St George’s School Windsor Castle website.