Iestyn Davies on Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones, now in his 26th year as Headmaster of St John’s College School, Cambridge, has announced his departure at the end of the school year. His has been an outstanding ‘reign’ during which the school has won many accolades including National Best Prep School and Best Prep School Head awards.

One of our leading counter-tenors, Iestyn Davies, was a chorister at the school when ‘Mr Jones’ arrived. He says: ‘My first encounter with Kevin was as our drama teacher in my second year. We were asked to lie on the floor to wait for him – the very opposite of what we were used to which was to stand to attention when a teacher entered the room!”

“This became Kevin’s way at St John’s. He embraced the established body but, bit by bit, transformed the old ways into new, developing the school’s very special and unique identity.

“As choristers we were always reminded that we were the flagship of the school, as we crossed the playing fields and the Backs to rehearsal every day, or walked about town in our gowns and mortarboards after evensong. Kevin continued to unite the ethos of the school with the choir with the utmost care and attention.

“He has put the school in the limelight. Both it and the college choir equally rise head and shoulders above so many others in the UK and across the world!”