Bursary information for parents

The Choir Schools’ Association was founded in 1918 and over 100 years later it continues to promote choral music in the Christian tradition, as well as the values of a choir school education, by supporting those schools and their Heads, in singing locally, nationally and internationally. 

Through its Bursary Trust, which is supported by the Department of Education’s Music and Dance Scheme, the Association is able to support choristerships financially. Its aim is to help make the unique and hugely valuable chorister education open to all, irrespective of a family’s financial position. 


CSA Bursaries are available to choristers attending schools which are full members of the Choir Schools’ Association. 

Parents may make a Bursary application via the school to which they are applying; it is best to make the school aware of your intention to apply for a Bursary as early as possible during the admissions process. 

CSA uses the services of Bursary Administration Limited (BAL) to assist in the means-testing process for Bursary decision. BAL is also used by many of CSA schools. 

Bursaries are means tested according to parental income and assets and you will need to make a full financial disclosure to BAL for analysis and you may be visited to discuss further. 

The value of the Bursary and number of Bursary awards will depend on the funding available. 

Bursaries are awarded at the discretion of the Trustees, who will calculate an initial award level in relation to a family’s financial and other circumstances (e.g. their savings, investments and assets, as well as their income, the size of their family, any other dependents and like factors). 

Bursaries are subject to an annual review of parental means and in subsequent years, awards may be varied upwards or downwards, depending on changes to a particular family’s circumstances. You will need to reapply each year if a bursary is still required.

Date of audition and parental submission to school

Deadline for school submission to CSA

Notification to the school and to parents

September to October

30th October


November to February

February half term

Start of the Easter Term (April)

February to May

May/June half term


Download the Bursary Information For Parents document for more information.