Partnership programme


Cathedral Sing

Contact person:
Adrian Green

A number of projects  engage with primary school children in the Cathedral and in their local churches/communities and on the Isle of Wight. Choral animateurs work in schools ahead of children performing with cathedral choirs; the latter work in the diocese, performing programmes alongside local children; and the Cathedral also runs ‘Junior Sing’ – a choir for young children.

Adrian Green has been running Cathedral Sing! for many years and it is funded by outside grants. There are links too with local independent schools that also provide some teaching time in primary schools, perhaps using their sixth formers.  Each year St Cecilia’s Day is celebrated with a Festival which brings together 100+ children for Evensong.  During the summer there is major collaboration with the Portsmouth Festival which is put together by Portsmouth Grammar School.

Adrian points out there can be a danger of  ‘playing it safe’ when it comes to repertoire for primary school pupils. The St Cecilia Festival demonstrates that children will rise to the challenge of sacred music leaving their parents excited by what they had heard!

All at CSA are looking forward to hearing how the new term works out!


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