St Peter’s Remembrance Day Memorial

Pupils at St Peter’s School, York, have created a striking set of silhouettes to honour former pupils, known as Old Peterites, who have served across all Forces, as well as marking the 40th Anniversary of the Falklands War.

A competition to design a Remembrance Day Memorial for the school campus was launched in November 2020. Congratulations to Upper Sixth Form pupils Hannah Costin and Hope Simpson who created the winning design: a series of silhouettes showcasing the diverse roles across the forces throughout history.

The silhouettes include a Falklands Royal Marine, a WW1 Trench Leaper, a Medic, a North Atlantic Convoy Serviceman, a Female Soldier, a WWII Fighter Pilot, an RAF Pilot and a Gurkha. Eleven pupils volunteered and worked together to create the figures, as part of the Design & Technology Department’s co-curricular club MAKERSPACE, and the project has been partially funded by the Old Peterite Club. Old Peterite Arthur Holmes also played a key role in the manufacture of the figures, and his company C&O Powder Coatings Ltd have been central in providing guidance and expertise throughout the design process.

A time for reflection

St Peter’s School’s Archivists and CCF (Combined Cadet Force) staff have carefully researched, collated and organised the list of Old Peterites who gave their lives in service of their country and those who are currently serving, and they are named on the stands listed alongside each figure. Throughout the month of November, the figures will be located around the school campus, and the figures and plaques will be lit each evening.

Hannah and Hope, who have since left St Peter’s after completing their A Levels in summer 2021, said: “Our Remembrance memorial design was to create a series of figurative silhouette sculptures that represent military people past and present. We liked the idea of an immersive installation where the figures surrounded the school site, instilling an atmosphere of reflection leading up to Remembrance Day throughout the school. In a school that is so deeply rooted in traditions, it has been a privilege to be a part of a project that aims to continue the important message of remembrance at St Peter’s for many years to come.”

Jeremy Walker, Head Master of St Peter’s School, said: “This has been an outstanding project and I am very proud of the pupils who have worked so well with excellent support from colleagues and Old Peterites. The silhouettes are beautifully made, striking in appearance and a poignant memorial to those former pupils who gave their lives in service of their country.”

Harry Gration, Old Peterite President 2020-2022, said: “’To have such talented young designers capture the meaning of remembrance in this way I find very moving. These silhouettes may not last 100 years but, for generations to come, members of this school will continue to show respect to our fallen Peterites in their own personal unique way’’.