Mystery Artist leaves gift to St Mary’s Edinburgh

St Mary’s Music School has received the gift of a paper sculpture from Edinburgh’s Anonymous Sculptor whose works have intrigued the literary and arts world at home and internationally since the first one appeared in 2011.

The sculptor, whose identity has remained a secret except that she is female, sent her latest work of art to the school for the first day of the new school year. In her accompanying note addressed to “the current and future pupils of St Mary’s Music School”, the mystery artist revealed that the sculpture is her way of showing support for the cause for making the Old Royal High school the new home for St Mary’s Music School.

Like all her other work, the latest sculpture is made from old books and this one depicts a musician on stage who is playing a cello surrounded by flying musical notes.  Intricate and delicate, the sculpture stands at 37cms high and is the first time the sculptor has gifted one of her exquisite pieces to music.