Make Music Day Celebrated at St Paul’s

St Paul’s Cathedral is participating in Make Music Day 2019 by hosting an Organ Day for 100 primary school children. The children, from St John’s Walham Green and Meridian Angel Primary Schools, have taken part in the Cathedral’s music outreach in this academic year. The children will be part of the performances throughout the day – singing in a recital in the afternoon, alongside live organ demonstrations and some terrific music.

The day will be led by Tom Daggett, St Paul’s OBE Organ Outreach Fellow. First off, the children will be helping Will Fox, Sub-Organist, in performing Henry Wood’s Fantasia on British Sea Songs in three movements. So some clapping for the Sailor’s Hornpipe and singing along to Thine be the glory and Rule Britannia!

St Paul’s Cathedral: National Identity

St Paul’s Cathedral is the nation’s church and has been a place of politics and debate in times of war and peace, and it sits at the heart of our national life.

Wood’s Fantasia of British Sea Songs draws together themes of country, music, and worship – through songs which have shaped our national identity. ‘Rule Britannia’ remains a feature of the ‘Last Night of the Proms’, and ‘Thine be the Glory’ is an Easter hymn sung by generations, celebrating Christ’s glorious Resurrection.

Appropriate Outing for Dove’s ‘Fire!’

But St Paul’s Cathedral also has an important story to tell in relation to the Great Fire of London of 1666 – Christopher Wren’s architectural masterpiece rising from the ashes of ruin. What more appropriate than Jonathan Dove’s song ‘Fire!’ to evoke the terrible sights and sounds of ‘the steeples falling’ as ‘all the people are calling’.

Tom Daggett says: “Our OBE Organ project reaches around 2,000 children each year – introducing primary schools to the magnificence and wonder of the pipe organ. Children learn to improvise, choosing sounds to create stories – and of course sing. Our participating schools come together for our Organ Days – a musical feast for all, with an interactive organ recital, chorister performance, and bespoke tours and workshops. We absolutely love doing these days!”