Learning in Harmony with St Paul’s

St Paul’s Cathedral and School are a step nearer to realising ambitious plans to improve the education of all its pupils and to increase opportunities for thousands more children across London and further afield.

Construction work on a new boarding house for the 32 choristers will start in the summer of 2019. It will be built on the footprint of St Augustine’s Church which was destroyed by bombing in 1941. The Tower we see today was restored and the top is in fact made of fibre glass!

As Headmaster, Simon Larter-Evans comments: “The boarding house has been very sensitively designed and brings new life to a space once occupied by the St Augustine’s nave.  Given the purpose, that choristers lead worship through music and words for millions of people a year, this seems entirely fitting.”

The original school buildings opened in the 1960s, designed for just 40 children.  There are now 250 pupils so space is at a premium. Releasing the current boarding accommodation means improved teaching facilities and more places for primary aged children in The City.

The Cathedral has wholeheartedly embraced outreach work and currently enjoys partnership with 30 state schools. Each year it works with over 2,600 children in music and modern languages. 300 children get the chance to perform with St Paul’s choirs and 50 teachers are trained on continuing professional development courses.

As Andrew Carwood, the Cathedral’s Director of Music, says: “We are committed to getting this music out there, and to as many people, in as many ways as we can. We need music. Music of the soul, music which lifts and inspires,  music which provides greater emotional release than mere words.”

What’s more, the Cathedral and Choir School are determined to be leading players in the City Cultural Hub – the musical heart of the City. In this way they look set to provide educational opportunities for thousands of schoolchildren throughout the capital.

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