Hereford Cathedral School – A Great Story

A former Head of Hereford Cathedral School has traced the school’s  history through highs and lows to produce a fascinating story over eight centuries.

Dr Howard Tomlinson, a former CSA Chairman during his time at HFC from 1987-2005, is a highly respected historian and well-placed to tell this ‘rich and complex story of survival and growth of one of Hereford’s oldest living institutions.’

The School weathered the storm of the Civil War in the 1640s; endured the scandal of a headmaster who ran into financial difficulties in the 18th Century; avoided closure when numbers fell to single figures in the late 1840s; fought off mergers and muddled through years of austerity in the 20th Century.

Since then HCS has take giant steps forward: it was modernised in the 50s and 60s; went co-educational in the 70s; seen the phasing out of direct grant and assisted places, emerging as a fully independent school in 2004.

You can hear Howard speaking at this year’s 3 Choirs Festival in the summer.

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A history of HFC