CSA Welcomes Durham School As Members!

Earlier this term The Chorister School, Durham merged with Durham School to become part of the Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation (DCSF). These two historic schools have a shared heritage stretching back over 600 years in the City of Durham and CSA is delighted to welcome Durham School as its latest member.

The new Foundation has continued as the choir school for the Choristers of Durham Cathedral. Kieran McLaughlin, Principal of Durham, says: “We are delighted by how well children across the Foundation have settled into the new arrangements. The Cathedral choristers are such a wonderful part of the Foundation family to see them settled and happy is a great thing.

It is a privilege to be part of the Choir Schools Association and we look forward to being fully involved and supportive of the CSA over the coming months and years.”

Over the next five years the Foundation aims to have a full complement of 48 choristers. This will set the choral tradition at Durham Cathedral on a new footing and bring equality of opportunity to a broad and diverse base of gifted children. Together they will all form part of the new Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation.

The Foundation is governed by a new Board of Governors from both Durham and The Chorister School, including members of the Chapter of Durham Cathedral. The Chair of Governors is Robert Ribchester, currently Chair at Durham School, and the Vice-Chair is the Very Reverend Andrew Tremlett, Dean of Durham.

Rob Ribchester said “This is an exciting opportunity for the pupils of both schools to benefit from an enhanced educational experience at every level. In particular, the merger is providing more varied and extensive opportunities for pupils. There are more chances to take part in competitive sports teams and greater opportunities to participate in musical and cultural events.

“We will be able to make greater investment in facilities and offer a more vibrant boarding experience. There will also be many social benefits associated with a larger school community. The merger promises a strong and vibrant future for both schools.”