Alexander supports St Mary’s

There are exciting plans for St Mary’s Music School in Edinburgh to relocate to the former Royal High School building in Edinburgh.

Earlier this year 5 choristers went to meet former chorister Alexander Armstrong on stage during his dress rehearsal for a show at the Edinburgh Playhouse.

Alexander, endorsing the move, said: “My love of singing started when I was a child. I was a chorister at St Mary’s Music School in Edinburgh from the age of 11 – that is when it took hold and went up a gear.

When you are singing five days a week, that’s a big commitment. If your’re going to sing well, then it requires technique, polish and you do have to learn to structure phrases. You also learn the subtleties of your vocal range – for instance, a top E is different depending on the vowel you’re singing at the time. But singing for fun is always good.”