Triple Success for Exeter Cathedral School

exeter-trioA trio of siblings from Exeter Cathedral School have each been awarded a place in the National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain.

Esme Daniel-Greenhalgh (y7) and her sister Sabina (y5) are both violinists and brother Theo (y6) plays the trombone. All three are choristers in Exeter Cathedral Choir.  Their older  sister was also a pupil at ECS and a cathedral chorister.

The three have been playing together since they were tiny: there’s lots of music going on at home (and Dad is a musician too) and they have formed a group with their older sister called the 4DGs.  They recently recorded their first album and featured on BBC Spotlight last year.

ECS Headmaster, James Featherstone, says “what a great achievement for the DGs that all three have received the thumbs up from Britain’s top children’s orchestra. They are really dedicated to their music and thoroughly deserve this accolade. I’m delighted that ECS, with its 900-year musical heritage, is continuing to produce some of country’s best musicians”.

The 3DGs are the latest pupils at ECS to achieve national recognition. The school now has three pupils in the National Children’s Orchestra, a y7 pupil in the National Children’s Symphony Orchestra, and a y7 pupil in the National Youth Choir of Great Britain.

Well done, all of you!